Born in 56, Francois Duel is self-taught and prolix, to the artistic destiny polyptych, François Duel launched in the 80s in the design, inventing a furniture mixing industrial and noble materials. He exhibits at the Pont Neuf Gallery in Paris, at the Paul Ricard Foundation, at the Arcelor Gallery in La Défense. He is one of the young creators of Maison et Objet and becomes one of the forerunners of IPN furniture.
He left his artistic career as a project manager for contemporary art in the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux and will not return to art until 2016, driven by a desire for new materials, simple, light, essential. His works have a primitive aspect of drawing, unique and refined features, touches of color that anchor in reality. Then very quickly, the line becomes abstract, borrowing sometimes from the choreographic gestures of the calligraphers.
His works are the assembly of his experiences: one finds there the pure trait created by the power of the fire carving the metal, where voids and light announce the future curves and cutouts of his drawings. His work in fashion inspires his collages and his way of developing an idea, to decline it according to different versions. Her passion for dance accompanies the movements of women and their bodies. His work of color vibrates with the seasons. Nudity, modesty, movement, flares and expressive glances give life to these hundreds of women gathered for a languorous dance.

When the formats are small, the works are built like puzzles, gathering several tables in polyptychs from four to twenty-four pieces, each one can be isolated from the others or the whole forming the complete work. An assembly which allows to mix several techniques of the collage with the painting, from the stencil to the tag.
Large formats are most often presented in diptychs or triptychs. Mirror effect. Positive, negative. Twin. Rehearsals.
François Duel works hard and has produced for three years a thousand drawings and paintings. Refusing to be ranked, it fits in several artistic trends. A frenetic production from drawing to abstraction.

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