Born in Riga (Latvia) in the family of the artist Yakov Kozlov, a student of Academician Jan Tilberg. Her mother's cousin Maria Shimshelevich, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Shimshelevich, was the second president of Israel. Since 11 years she studied at the Moscow School of Arts at the Institute. Surikov, after which she entered the Moscow State Institute. Surikov, in the studio of monumental art. Since 2007, she has participated in international projects and competitions in Italy, Belgium and Russia. To date, there have been 14 personal exhibitions of the artist in Russia and the United Kingdom.

"Anna Katya Taguchi" is a professional drawing and painting. The daughter of the famous Soviet painter Yakov Kozlov. She is subject to any technique - from painting to graphics, printing on any materials - playing with materials - in general, her favourite pastime. It makes gypsum, volumes. Each of her work is deeply literary. Taguchi worried about the process of human life itself - flowering and gradual decay, ageing. It's pretty bright and smart work. " Snob, 2015

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