About 6 years ago Leni began her art research about hidden faces inside modern society. She called this project Transaction. Leni looks through different edges of the society: social, politics and etc Art transaction (Wiki, Financial transaction, an agreement, communication, or movement carried out between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment), The philosophy of art transaction arose as a reaction to the cult of the "Golden calf" of the generations of the 80's - 00’s, thereby, in the opinion of transaction, put people in the condition of loss of spiritual realities and propaganda "hidden faces". Leni graduated The Smolensk’s University in Russia and The University of the Art in London

2017 The candidate for governor, Sverdlovsk region, Russia 
2017 HUMAN RIGHTS? #H2O, Italy 
2017  Art-exhibition, Trinitapoli, Italy 
2017  Fashion week, Russia 
2016  Women in Photo, London
2016  Performance, NCCA, Russia
2016  July - Museo Degli Ipogei, Trinitapoli, Italy 
2016  Feb - Fashion week
2015  HUMAN RIGHTS?, Italy
2014  till now - “THE CITY NEEDS WARM”, Russia
2015  Sep - Biennale, NCCA Russia
2015  July 15-25 - Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival / Venice, Italy /
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, 
2014  The Armory show, NY 
2013  On-line Top 30 Saatchi’s Artists, London
2012  GAA, Amsterdam 
2010-2012  Worked with Madonna as an artist for her show.

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