Vladimir Girz (1988) is an Amsterdam based abstract painter with the fascination concerning the invisible. The forces and the energies evading our sight yet influencing our everyday life’s – much like gravity or the Higgs Field which gives all particles mass of around 6000 kg.

Born in Kiev, he moved to Netherlands 20 years ago and has gotten his education at Royal Art Academy The Hague. In 2013 while still a student he was nominated for the Royal Price for Modern Painting, and since then has enjoyed several important shows in Europe. His mural work has been commissioned by the Brussels well known Stroombeek Culture center curated by Luk Lambrecht. Last year Girz was awarded Mondriaan Funds grant and could be seen during yearly Art-Rotterdam art fair.

In many ways Girz is a painter who evades painting, much of the composition and color is decided by forces of nature and chemical reactions. He refers to it – “blind painting”, this experimental and highly alchemical way of working often produces unexpected and fresh results.

A prudent look on his work would notice incredibly rich and varied influences the artist enjoyed as a result of his Easter European heritage and Western education. His attempts to capture the border of the visible and the invisible combine both the Andrey Rublev’s desire to represent spiritual reality with the Western abstract expressionistic love towards the sublime.

Girz however is more than adept at giving his heritage a modern twist, with energetic and playful manner. He sees himself more as an alchemist, trying to change and “enrich” both matter and quality of the materials he combines to produce his work.


2012 Manifesto – Painting department

2013 Metamorphose the Hague

2013 Royal Award for Modern Painting. (Nominated). Painting sold to King William Alexander

2014 Greenlight exposition The Hague 

2014 Exo Den Haag

2014 Royal Art Academy Graduation show (The Hague)

2015 Stroombeek Cultre Center - The Wall Commission by Luk Lambrecht. (Brussels)

2015 Not Your Kind of People (Amsterdam)

2016 Abstr-Akt – Umbrellla pop-up gallery show Zurich
2017 The Weight of the Invisible –Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2017 Bijdrage jong talent Mondrian Funds
2017 Stanger things in life, 1856 pop-up gallery (London)
2017 As Above So Below, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2018 Below and within, Amsterdam W139
2018 Concepts and Prospects, Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Rotterdam)

2018 Never alone, Group show pop-up The Fly Space (The Hague 2018)

2019 Art Residency at Flacon 1170 project (Sochi, Russia)

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