Ottepel brought to the attention of the Moscow public a gastronomic art soiree, performed in the style of Moscow restaurants of the 19th century. Art soiree was organized jointly with BCS Ultima Private Banking with the support of KR Properties. The guests were treated to a loaf made by the original Russian recipe prepared by the chef of the Ruski restaurant specially for guests of OTTEPEL.

The guests of the evening were bankers, politicians and businessmen: Andrei Bogdanov, bankers Sergei Novosad and Alexander Lopukhov, Ildar Makarenkov, restaurateur Andrei Kabanov, Alexander Golikov and Viktor Avdeev, Anton Chirkunov, Alexandrov Anton, Surikov Pavel and Olga, Boriskina Julia, Brutman Jana, Varlamova Margarita, Voevoda Ekaterina, Goldstein Rostislav, Egorov Dmitry, Kabanov Andrey, Nakhshunov Alexander, Suleymanova Svetlana, Belianchikova Maria.

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