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Founders Pop up Gallery Ottepel told how they create conceptual creative evenings for the pretentious publicновательницы Pop up Gallery Ottepel 

Founders Pop up Gallery Ottepel told that they are interested in metropolitan secular society, how to spend an evening for the sophisticated audience, and what genres can be synthesized to create a unique project. In March 2017 the Ottepel team changed, leaving Julia Kapitonova-Saada and Veronika Tabenskaya in her squad.

Girls, tell everyone, what is the concept of your project Pop Up Gallery Ottepel?

Veronika Tabenskaya: Our project Pop Up Gallery Ottepel is designed to synthesize several types of art at once in one event so that every guest who comes to see the kind of art that catches more attracts other topics. We create a full-fledged concept, where all the components are closely related. To begin with, the choice of the site depends on the concept of the event, which combines elements of the exhibition, theatrical show and social event with informal communication.

For example, completing the season in 2016 in the evening in the loft Depre, combining different genres: literary revelations of famous actors, an exclusive display of the collection of hats. The ballerina became part of the installation for the show, sitting down, spreading a chic bundle on a serving table, which became the center of an impromptu podium. The table was in turn served with chic porcelain, and instead of cards with the names of guests on the plates there were cards with the names of the partners for the event, because in their own way, they were the owners of the evening together with us. If Ottepel events take place in ancient lofts or mansions, then we invite famous Moscow historians to tell the guests the history of this place. And when this summer the Ottepel Gallery together with the famous Japanese gallery organized a meeting with the famous masters of blade art Pierre and Nicole Reverdy, then the gallery became a Japanese art gallery , which told the guests about the blades and samurai swords in the eastern tradition. Thus, guests do not just watch shows, but in parallel, they enjoy the choreography of the ballet, and when attending a meeting with the masters of decoding the damask, they will learn about the origins of such weapons in general.

Are you in favor of technical progress when organizing events or are you more like to arrange events where the use of gadgets is minimized?

Julia Kapitonova Saada: We are in favor of technical progress in the organization of events and are constantly in search of non-standard content and digital solutions in questions of branding sites. This explains our cooperation with the studio responsible for large-scale light projections.

Why did you decide to organize events for a fairly narrow circle, for connoisseurs and connoisseurs? There was no desire to carry complex and not very popular art to the masses?

Julia Kapitonova Saada: We are interested in contemporary art not only as observers, we want to make our contribution to it. The general attendance of exhibitions of classical art is much higher than the exhibitions of contemporary, contemporary art, all Ottepel events are aimed at a fairly narrow circle of connoisseurs and connoisseurs. The market for contemporary art is actively growing and developing. Now a huge number of artists working in this style and among this huge amount of talent is very important to see and select those works that will really be interesting and relevant. Before we approve the hero of the next exhibition, we always ask ourselves whether his work will not be interesting only us, but also our audience? Art, I repeat, must be relevant, its context is important. Thanks to the attendant activities, which Veronica firstly called, we get an additional viewer.

Tell us about your most difficult and at the same time interesting project, which you managed to implement?

Veronika Tabenskaya: Perhaps there are no easy projects. The main thing is never to doubt that everything will turn out.

What are your plans for 2017?

Julia Kapitonova-Saada: In our plans for 2017 - a joint exhibition Ottepel and gallery ArtOnline24 works of a famous Moscow photographer who does not need a presentation, Alexei Duplyakov. The curator of the exhibition is Polina Askeri. Also, the presentation of the works of the cult photographer of the XX century, Luc Furnoll, a large-scale project with which we together with Fournol's nephew (the editor of the French newspaper Paris Match) is planning to introduce the public in Manila in June.

Veronica Tabenskaya: At the same time we are preparing an exhibition, already in Moscow, of the famous German artist David Tollman, a joint presentation of the Pas De Deux collection of Luxembourg's largest jewelry house Schroeder Bijoutier with the Embassy and the Luxembourg Bank in Moscow, as well as the exhibition of the well-known Australian artist Zoe Olivia Young Olivia Young).

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