Коnstantin and Alina Kryukov at the opening of the exhibition "Silk Labyrinth"


КТО: Коnstantin and Alina Kryukov, Darya Mikhalkova, Igor Garanin, Ekaterina Drobysh, Alexander Yudin, Anna Russka, Konstantin Gaydai, Olga Yabubovich and many others. 

WHAT: Оpening of the exhibition "Silk Labyrinth".

WHERE: Мuseum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art, Moscow.

WHEN: 19.04.2017.

PEOPLE SAY: Stars and secular persons were among the first to see the exhibition "SILK LABYRINTH", which opened in Moscow. It presented unique scarves from the private collection HERMES - MAISON CARRE FOUNDATION. By the way, many of them were made on special order and were never put up for sale. 

Аlexander Yudin and Elena Ivanova 
Коnstantin and Alina Кruykov
Аpollinaria Bahanova
Daria Mikhalkova
Svetlana Amova 
Igor Garanin and Yulia Chekanova
Еkaterina Sakharova 
Еkaterina Drobysh

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